What a year 2020 has been!  As we enter 2021, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it became clear to us that we were going to have to think outside the box for the NELA 2021 conference experience again.  With this in mind, we are putting together a 2021 conference playbook for New England librarians.  Choose the adventure that works for you!  We are planning three specifically themed virtual events, with the ultimate ending goal of a sized down, single day in-person event at Holy Cross, in Worcester, MA.
Program Proposals Needed
~Program Proposal Deadline is May 31st~
You're probably thinking, this is great!  Tell me more!
Virtual Conference Details
Dates & Themes
September 1st - Advocacy
September 14th - Diversity
October 1st - Leadership/Management
Registration Fees
NELA Member - $20 per event or $50 for ALL three!
Non-NELA Member - $40 per event or $110 for ALL three!
In-Person Conference Details
Date & Location
October 18th - Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Registration Fees
NELA Member - $95
Non-NELA Member - $145
What will our in-person look like this year?
This will be a scaled back one-day event.  Current capacity restrictions at Holy Cross limit our event to 100 total people, including attendees, speakers, and vendors.  We hope that this limit will be increased by October.  Given the current limitations, we are limiting in-person sessions to one speaker only at this time.
What will happen if there is another COVID surge in the fall?
We want to be fully transparent and admit that we don't have a crystal ball, and there is a possibility that we will have to cancel this event.  If that happens, it will be changed to a virtual event, and the registration fees will be changed to match our virtual ticket prices.
Program Proposals Needed