Join or Renew Your NELA Membership Today

Please click below to join or renew your standalone NELA membership. If you want to join or renew your membership as a joint membership with your state, you will need to do so through your state association's website.

  • If you have previously had a joint membership, but you would like to do a stand alone NELA membership this year, please email Megan Bishop at [email protected] to update your profile and allow for member registration through the NELA website.
  • If you have recently renewed your joint membership through your state association's website, and you are trying to register for a NELA event but are not seeing accurate member pricing for the event, we likely have not received your updated information from the state association. Please email a copy of your paid invoice to Megan Bishop, and we can manually update you in our system to allow you to register for the event.

Member Type Dues
 Annual Salary: $0 - $15,000 $20
 Annual Salary: $15,001 - $25,000 $30
Annual Salary: $25,001 - $35,000 $40
Annual Salary: $35,001 - $45,000 $50
Annual Salary: $45,001 - $55,000 $60
Annual Salary: $55,001 - $65,000 $70
Annual Salary: over $65,000 $80
Retired $20
Student $15
Trustee/Friend $30