Mentor/Mentee Program

Did you know NELA has a mentor/mentee program? This program is designed to provide mentoring opportunities to librarians and paraprofessionals of diverse needs by volunteer mentors from various library fields and geographic locations. Every effort will be made to match participants with mentors who share stated interests.

Joining NELA's list of available mentors is a great way to volunteer at your own pace. NELA will always respect a mentor's decision if they decide they are unable to accept a mentee request.


  • Both mentor and mentee must be NELA members in order to participate.
  • Mentors and mentees will be asked to participate in a training program.
  • Once matched, a typical mentor/mentee relationship will consist of a one-year term, during which they shall communicate monthly via phone, video conferencing, email, or in person. Both mentor and mentee must be upfront and clear with each other about their availability and desired goals.
  • After one year, mentors and mentees may choose to formally extend the term for another year.
  • A mentor will not be assigned an additional mentee during the term.
  • At the end of each term, both mentors and mentees will be asked to complete a brief evaluation that will serve to document the program’s success and aid in the review of program expectations and procedures.

Although this professional relationship may not be confidential, remember that personal information shared by participants should be considered confidential. If you are not currently a NELA member, you will be able to join or renew your membership while completing the form below.

General Mentor/Mentee Form