Emerson Greenaway Award

The Emerson Greenaway Award is the New England Library Association’s award for distinguished service in librarianship. In 1988, NELA President Christine Kardokas established the “Great Librarian Award” to recognize the contributions of exceptional librarians. The first recipient to be honored for his outstanding achievements was Emerson Greenaway, an innovator in library organization and practice in the mid-twentieth century. Two years later, this regional tribute was renamed the Emerson Greenaway Award to honor the memory of its first recipient. It is presented annually, whenever there is a worthy candidate, at NELA’s Annual Conference. A list of past recipients is available here.

Selection Criteria

  1. Since NELA represents the New England region, nominees for the award must have had an impact on the library field in the New England region.
  2. The nominee must be or have been, a member of the New England Library Association.
  3. The nominee must have made a major contribution to the field of librarianship in New England, such as:
    • Development of outstanding services in a field of expertise, such as administration, reference services, technical services, etc.
    • Involvement with developing library cooperation in New England.
    • Outstanding leadership in the field.

Selection Process

The Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations and for recommending a candidate for the award each year. NELA’s Executive Board is responsible for approving the selection. Do you know a worthy nominee? Complete the 2022 preliminary nomination form by June 1, 2021. The Nominating Committee will contact you regarding your nomination.